Reprinted with permission from Materials Management in Healthcare


There’s more than one way to effectively maintain equipment

By John Cashmore, director of MMIS Integration at Rush University Medical Center, Chicago

Finding true savings in today’s business environment is a difficult task, but new savings opportunities often appear outside of what some consider traditional supply chain areas. Equipment maintenance is one such area, but some materials managers feel they aren’t responsible for controlling the associated costs. Some of the excuses used are, “We have a maintenance department,” “The company will provide slow service if we don’t carry a maintenance agreement,” and “We don’t have time to spend on that project.” All of these excuses may contain some small piece of reality, but not enough to stop progress, potential service improvement and large cost savings.

Hospitals have at least six different methods available to provide maintenance for their equipment: do nothing/status quo, maintenance agreement for every piece of equipment, in-house service, outsourced equipment maintenance companies, insurance companies and self-insurance programs. The best answer for every hospital is a combination of these options.

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