Lower your repair costs for your clinical engineering equipment through Fisher Solution’s proactive asset management program ResourceOversite™. It’s a capped maintenance program that limits the costs associated with maintaining your high-end medical hardware while improving its performance and uptime.

ResourceOversite™ is a scientifically grounded, data-based program designed to safeguard your significant investment in diagnostic imaging equipment by controlling its preventative maintenance and repair costs. The program draws on information, gleaned from Fisher Solution’s 20 years of medical equipment repair studies, to oversee your major equipment establishing repair and maintenance baselines.

Fisher Solutions does not manufacture medical equipment, nor do we align ourselves with any particular service provider. We instead rely on cooperative relationships with an optimum mix of contractors to provide our customer with an equipment management solution that is both technically and fiscally sound. Our contract with you may include OEMs, ISOs, or your own in-house maintenance staff. Because we coordinate multi-departmental and multi-vendor service events, Fisher Solutions takes a broad view of medical equipment management. As a result, we can often eliminate duplication and coordinate fragmented services.

Balance quality assurance with the ResourceOversite™ program and achieve real, measurable savings on the maintenance of expensive medical equipment.

Augment the benefits of ResourceOversite™ by adding Fisher Solution’s ResourceOnSite™, or ResourceOnSite Plus™ or the SelfAssure™ programs to your partnership.

Providing asset management programs for clinical equipment to the health care community for over 20 years.