Reduce costs immediately and eliminate risk while training and developing your biomedical department with the Fisher Solutions SelfAssure™ program. This program, customized around the unique needs of your hospital, allows for a gradual transfer of risk on your asset management and maintenance from Fisher Solutions to an in-house biomedical staff.

During the contract term your biomedical staff is trained on specific modalities, assuming responsibility for its maintenance only when it is fiscally sound. Before then, Fisher Solutions works with you to develop and implement policies, budgets and plans that will ensure the biomedical department’s long-term success. By providing a fixed cost for parts and vendor services under the SelfAssure™ contract, you can safely develop your in-house biomedical department without the risk of going over budget.

If your hospital or healthcare facility is looking for an efficient, cost effective method of equipment utilization and optimization while using your own in-house biomedical staff, SelfAssure™ is the answer.

Other programs offered by Fisher Solutions are: ResourceOversite™, ResourceOnSite™, ResourceOnSite Plus™

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